MP:C Vision


Mission Possible:Collaborative
© 1990

Mission Possible: Collaborative (MP:C) was established in September, 1990. It is a sole proprietorship that functions on the Kwanzaa principles of “umoja” (unity) and “ujamaa” (cooperative economics).

Mission Possible: Collaborative (MP:C) is committed to the operating principles of Discipline • Education • Faith (DEF) and the MP:C motto is “Together, We Thrive.” 

The concept of the motto is that there is “strength in numbers”; and as a collective of passionate entrepreneurs, we believe that all things are possible if we apply the MP:C operating principles to everything that we do — professionally & personally.

The management of Mission Possible: Collaborative (MP:C) strongly believes and has experienced 

the residual benefits of collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs who are about building a positive, lasting legacy. 

Our collective of self-employed professionals are dedicated to building financial independence that gives us the opportunity to be philanthropic to our communities-at-large, especially to “the next generation.” 

We are also active volunteers in our communities-at-large via varied outlets (i.e. church homes / civic organizations / empowerment initiatives: economic, educational, political/ mentoring / teaching / youth development).

If you and/or any group or organization with whom you are affiliated is interested in learning more about MP:C, 

contact Michelle D. Smith/Founder & Consultant @ 781.346. 9605


"Success is a journey, not a destination;
         Success is meeting the new challenge
            beyond every achievement."
                                                                                 (Author Unknown)